We service the Metro Ann Arbor and Detroit areas. We have a service map here.

Yes, we do need the car keys to perform the oil change.

Yes, we are insured. We carry a $1 Million policy that covers your vehicle and property.
Most oil changes take about 20-30 minutes.

Our oil changes include up to 5 quarts of Full Synthetic oil, a new oil filter, and our multi-point inspection. That includes checking washer fluid, power steering, brake fluid, and engine coolant and refilling as necessary. We then check all tire pressures and bring them up to the recommended PSI. Upon completion, we reset your vehicles maintenance monitor, place a new oil change sticker on your windshield, and send you a detailed maintenance report.  

Additional fees are only assessed if 1 of 3 conditions are met: 1. You are outside of our service area($15-25) 2. Your vehicle requires more that 5 quarts of oil($7.99-9.99 per quart) 3. Your vehicle requires a special cartridge oil filter(price varies).
Yes, we do accept cash. However, our Techs don't carry cash. So they're unable to give change back.